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You who built a movement

You who firmly believed in 'could'

You who did something small, who did anything at all, 

And you who took a tragedy and forged a force for good. 


We who bought t-shirts and posters and billboards

We who did it all in the name of Autumn

We who cultivated community, a paragon of unity

And we who made sure she'd never be forgotten. 

We Did It.

You did it. 

You who saw art and felt it. 

You who refused to concede to the consensus

You who told a friend, defied the idea of 'the end'

And you whose belief was relentless


You who liked a post.

You who diligently retweeted

You who would hashtag, and wave the flag

And you who made sure every new face was greeted.


You who wrote and you who drew. 

You who painted, crafted and created. 

You who campaigned, steadfastly remained

And you who resolutely debated. 


You who met derision with politeness

You who met dismissal with clarity 

You who said never say never, we can come together

And you who fought ridicule with charity. 

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