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Andrew D Duffy is a Scottish writer, Tartan Army Footsoldier, Elvis fan and Airdrie supporter, based in the Lanarkshire town of Cumbernauld. 

His major influences include Grant Morrison, Jack Kirby, Aaron Sorkin, David Lynch, Elvis Presley, Captain James T Kirk and DC Comics. 

Here you'll find reviews and writing on topics such as Comic Books, Film and Television, Music, Books, Football, Politics and more. There's even a Poetry section, god help me. 

Some of this writing dates back a number of years, even to the less-recent-than-I'd-like school and college days, with others coming from my time writing for Geek Retreat, a Glasgow geek shop and cafe. 

Special thanks must go to the creator and curator of this blog, the talented and beautiful Chloe Doyle, without whom this would amount to myriad Word Documents and torn out pages from notebooks. Read them, enjoy them, respond to them, share them, or don't. 

Who The Hell Do I Think I Am?

Vintage Comic Books
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