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On alldays we should be willing, 

To invest far more in what we need

On alldays, we should be demanding, 

That politicians take that lead. 


Instead, On Thursdays-

We clap. 

On Thursdays

On Thursdays, people clap,

Because we genuinely care. 

On Thursdays, people clap,

To show we’re glad the health service is there. 


On Thursdays, people take a moment,

To give each other a morale boost. 

On Thursdays, whole streets sing and cheer, 

And those who don’t can be traduced. 


On Thursdays, Instruments are played,

To entertain, encourage and cajole,

On Thursdays, communities show real spirit,

And charities bring out the begging bowl. 


On Thursdays, we tell ourselves

That we’re all trying to do out bit. 

On Thursdays, ‘key workers’ are thanked,

For risking their lives and taking the hit. 


On Thursdays,  our much praised key workers

Don’t get any extra wage. 

On Thursdays, we applaud so much,

For we have guilt we must assuage. 


On alldays, those we cannot do without

Should be handsomely rewarded.

On alldays, they should all get paid, 

Far more than they are currently afforded. 


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