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The sea, the hills,

a room with a view;

A treat, a dance,

 learning something new.


Helping because you can,

the doing of a good deed;

Ahh, it is The Simple Pleasures,

upon which the soul does feed.


A sit in the sun,

with a lover or a friend;

A drop or two of tranquil,

when the day is at an end.


A book, a song, a story,

breaking your heart like a stone;

A stroll engulfed in nature,

when you are on your own.


The warm embrace of family,

 the company of kith and kin;

The smile that brings forgiveness,

for a much-regretted sin.


The friendly nod from a stranger,

their understanding smile;

The progress of yer ain folk,

for whom you'd go the extra mile.


An afternoon in one’s own company,

recuperation from the noise;

An 'out' out night in the city,

the cacophony of the girls and boys.


Simple Pleasures

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