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Lockdown Breach Figures Must Remind Us To Take Our Social Contract With One Another Seriously

As we enjoy the marginal and incredibly welcome loosening of restrictions in Scotland, some sobering information to reflect upon has come from the national Police Force.

a total of 252 lockdown breach fines had to be issued between 20th and 27th of May, which, whilst sounding relatively low in a population of 5 million and change, does still equate to more than one an hour.

Indeed, since the lockdown was introduced on the 23rd of March a total of 3,103 fines have been issued in Scotland, with Police Scotland also confirming that they had to disperse a total of 4485 people (3,831 when 'informed' and 654 who had to be 'instructed by officers).

Worth bearing in mind, then, that the onus remains on us to be as careful as we can be, thoughtful as we can be and vigilant as we can be even as we get out and about with more regularity and enjoy the chance to meet friends and relatives from a social distance.

As figures announced by the Prime Minister on Thursday 28th of May show, the number of deaths were over 400 and over 300 for the two preceding days, which is a stark increase from what had been a fairly consistent level of around the 150 mark.

If we are not able to heed the advice properly and take appropriate care, we will see a return to lockdown, rises in infection and ultimately rises in death.

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