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Why Now?

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

I suppose it was inevitable, really.

A blog of my various witterings, bits and pieces of writing across various forms and topics, is something I've resisted for quite some time now.

​Despite being outwardly critical of the collective cringe that afflicts many a Scot, I can't deny having looked upon blogs as having a smack of attention seekery about them.

​That being said, I fancy myself a bit of a writer. Always have done, always will do. And let's face it, I'm hardly known for shunning attention.

​It would seem, then, that my reticence to take this step before now is evidence of my own light brush of the cringe I so bemoan.

​Time to put up or shut up, then. And sorry to disappoint but shutting up has never really been my forte.

But what makes my opinions so special? What makes me think any of these witterings are worth sharing? Nothing really. The point is not that my opinions are any more worthy of sharing than those of anyone else, but rather that here I am, possessing these opinions, and deciding, off my own back, to share them. There’s undoubtedly a degree of self-aggrandisement in deciding that, yes, I’m going to share my opinions and yes, I’m going to promote my opinions, promote my writing, promote myself. I’m not entirely comfortable with self-promotion, despite the impression one might have from having ever made my acquaintance.

Part of the aforementioned brush with Cringe, I suppose, which I have to get over.

Honestly? ​I simply couldn't hold myself back any longer.


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