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My Lateral Reality

That will outlive all of us who don our fiction suits and immerse ourselves.

To think, this place of wonders, searing tales of how it feels

To be alive no matter when, where, who, waits patiently for us to catch up

Always ready to welcome us to where they know we can be, one day, if only we try.

They’ll be ready to show us the way.

A place where men are myths and myths are men

Where might never makes right and the meek

The mild, are protected by more than words.

A world, a galaxy, a universe, a multiverse, full of the incredible strength,

Yet none greater than that of character.

Things go wrong sometimes.

They fail and the foes gain power.

Yet still, so strongly held is the belief that good will overcome evil,

That right ultimately holds the might, that the urge to do good, to act, Is the most powerful.

Belief becomes truth through sheer force of will, yet another ultimate tool.

A dimension so rich, islands bolted together to form a tapestry weaved over generations

Informed by all that came before yet always with a forecasting eye on what is to come.

Universes that fit inside my head, that can roll up and fit inside my pocket, a portable world of worlds.


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